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Pizza Academy is an Italian company that specializes in producing high-quality wood-fired ovens, which are then sold in Egypt. These ovens are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and authentic Italian design. They are carefully crafted in Italy using traditional methods and the finest materials to ensure outstanding performance and durability.

The wood-fired ovens by Pizza Academy are known for their ability to deliver the perfect cooking conditions for baking mouthwatering pizzas. The ovens are designed to retain and distribute heat evenly, allowing the pizzas to cook to perfection with a crispy crust and smoky flavor. The use of wood as the primary fuel adds a unique and authentic touch to the pizzas, elevating the taste and overall culinary experience.

One of the distinguishing features of Pizza Academy's wood-fired ovens is the wide range of shapes and colors available. Customers in Egypt can choose from an array of designs that suit their preferences and complement their culinary spaces. From classic dome-shaped ovens to more contemporary styles, Pizza Academy offers options to cater to diverse tastes.

The wood-fired ovens' various colors add an aesthetic appeal to the cooking experience, allowing customers to personalize their ovens according to their kitchen or outdoor setting. Whether it's a rustic terracotta hue, a sleek black finish, or a vibrant red, Pizza Academy ensures that its ovens not only deliver excellent performance but also enhance the visual appeal of any cooking area.

By bringing the authentic taste of Italian wood-fired pizzas to Egypt, Pizza Academy has gained a reputation for excellence and has become a popular choice among pizza enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. The company's commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and style has made its wood-fired ovens a cherished addition to kitchens and restaurants across Egypt, providing a little slice of Italy in every pizza baked in their ovens.



Sat - Wed: 10.00 - 18.30


 Kilo 28 First Industrial Zone - Abu Rawash الكيلو  ٢٨, المنطقة الصناعية الأولي, Abou Rawash, Giza, Giza Governorate 12677

Our Clients

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Common Questions

- How does the oven work ?
The oven works with gas and Firewood

- ​What is the oven temperature ?
The oven temperature reaches 500 degrees Celsius

- How long does it take for pizza to cook in the oven?

Makes pizza in 90 seconds

- Is the oven heated from the outside ?
No, the oven is not heated from the outside,
because it is insulated with the best types of international insulation, resistant to 1400 degrees Celsius (ceramic fiber).

-What is the furnace made of and what materials are used
The oven is made of high-quality refractory materials that comply with international standards
The interior consists of refractory tiles - refractory bricks - refractory cement - ceramic fibers
The exterior consists of iron - stainless steel - ceramic fiber - mosaic
All thermal materials used are resistant to 1400 degrees Celsius

- What are the dimensions of the oven for home use ?
1- External: 100*100 Cm Will be Internal: 70*80 Cm
You can cook 2 pizzas at a time
2- External: 80*180 Cm Will be Internal: 50*60 Cm

You can cook 1 pizzas at a time
3- External: 100 Ø Cm Will be Internal: 70 Cm Ø
You can cook 2 pizzas at a time
4- External: 125 Ø Cm Will be Internal: 90 Cm Ø
You can cook 3 pi
zzas at a time

- What are the dimensions of the oven for commercial use ?
1- External: 150 Ø Cm Will be Internal: 100 Cm Ø
You can cook 3 pizzas at a time
2- External: 175 Ø Cm Will be Internal: 125 Cm Ø

You can cook 5 pizzas at a time
3- External: 200 Ø Cm Will be Internal: 150 Cm Ø

You can cook 9 pizzas at a time

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