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sukanto Kuri
Jul 07, 2022
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Stamp Design At the end, the seal is designed to embellish the work, so that the work has a source. The overall design adopts a classical style, with different degrees of beige, cinnabar red and reddish brown in color. The seal design adds color, embellishment and a sense of history to the content. The seal itself is the embellishment and title commonly used by ancient literati. It is also a symbol of identity proof. The use here is also to express that this design is the author's design, and it is the intention of the author to express, hoping to pass on as long as the history of the seal. To sum up, there are many elements that constitute Image Manipulation Service the form of graphic design. How to properly apply the elements of graphic design to a specific traditional culture is a relatively important issue. This article is divided into several major modules, through different perspectives to analyze the application of graphic design elements to traditional culture, to a certain extent, it has played a role in promoting and inheriting specific traditional culture. Chinese traditional art culture is unique in the world art culture and has high research and aesthetic value. Integrating Chinese traditional culture and art elements into modern graphic design can enrich the cultural connotation of modern graphic design and endow graphic design with unique artistic characteristics. The development of graphic design in China started relatively late, and a complete development system has not yet been formed, and there is also a lack of strong theoretical support. The integration of traditional Chinese culture and art elements into graphic design effectively makes up for the lack of cultural connotation of graphic design in my country, and at the same time highlights the characteristics of graphic design in my country and promotes the good development of graphic design in China.