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Apr 09, 2022
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The fields involved in the above keywords are bound to be the main battlefields for marketing during the mayday holiday: shopping websites, travel websites, and entertainment websites. In addition, it is foreseeable that many public special email list accounts will also launch articles related to may 1st travel for holiday guides. 2. May 1st is approaching, discounts are available. Tmall small appliances venue the main target of mall's discount activities is small household appliances, and the forms of discount are more diversified. There are five types of discounts, top n discounts, value-added combinations, etc. There is no uniform standard for the strength of discounts, and different products have different strengths. This arrangement can attract users to conduct a long-term online shopping search, and maybe the things they want are just special email list of the best deals. Jingdong electric feast dingdong's mayday activities mainly focus on electrical appliances and have launched various coupons for electrical products. The most common discount method is full reduction: that is, a certain amount can be directly reduced or exempted after spending a certain amount of money. The full reduction is from the minimum full 1000 minus 30 to the maximum full 8000 minus 800. In addition, the full reduction special email list limits the scope of consumption, that is, you must purchase certain types of goods to get the reduction or exemption. Suning hi-buy mayday, Xuhui home appliances like tmall and, suning also locked the range of discounts on home appliances, and directly advertised a maximum discount of 1,000. The method is exactly the same as that of which is a full-reduction model, and the discounts are actually similar.