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Dec 27, 2021
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Welcome to the ESO Gold Farming Guide. This gold farming guide shows an easy way to make ESO Gold in ESO. You can make around 60-100k gold per hour with this method. You farm materials which you can directly sell or refine to extract gold materials. These materials can then be sold on the open market to make easy money in ESO. Gathering materials The first way to make gold quickly is to gather materials that can either be used for crafting or sold for gold. Now, one of my favorite spots is Bal Foyen. Bal Foyen is very rich when it comes to materials, meaning you have the opportunity to make a good profit. The best spot within Bal Foyen is northeast of the Dhalmora shrine, close to the docks. Other spots you might want to check out are Stormhaven and Craglorn. As for materials themselves, the materials that drop will be affected by your level and the skill points you invested on CP – crafting professions. Simply put, the higher your level and skill points on CP, the more often you’ll find high-level nodes. Farming CHests for ESO Gold The farm chests offer the best ways of farming these kits and providing additional supplies and gold. You can only display the chests on the map using the Harvest Map Addon and filter the map to only run from chest to chest. Flipping Goods The player economy in Elder Scrolls Online is where the real gold can be made. Unfortunately, ESO makes it more difficult than other MMORPGs with their complete lack of a centralized marketplace. Rather, player-to-player trading occurs within guilds. Each member of a guild can post up to 30 listings of individual items or stacks of items in their Guild Store, which is only accessible to other guild members. If a Guild wants to sell their items to Skyrim at large, they have to invest in a Guild Trader – an NPC that any player can approach and buy the Guild’s items from. If your guild has a Guild Trader, they are bound to a specific location and can only sell items from the guild that’s renting them. Unfortunately, this means that ESO’s player market is incredibly chaotic and filled with inconsistent prices. This doesn’t mean its impossible to make a good living in the player market, it just means you need a solid strategy. The first step is to seek out Guilds who already have a dedicated Trader. Ideally, you should find yourself 5 Guilds that operate in distinct parts of Skyrim to fill your Guild Slots. You’ll start noticing that some Guild Traders have larger inventories than others, and that’s because renting a Guild Trader is based on a blind bid system. Wealthier Guilds can afford the risk of bidding higher stacks of gold to rent the Traders that get the most traffic and thus make more capital. You’ll want to get into the most prestigious Guilds that you can for this method to work. Stealing for ESO Gold Stealing for gold is a rather fun and unique way of making gold in ESO. In a word, an easy way to make ESO Gold at a low level. You can sell stolen items at a fence in the Outlaw's Refuge. At first, the number of items you can fence each day is limited, so I'd recommend only keeping green, blue or purple items. Common items don't sell for as much. Here are some good locations to steal: Windhelm – A lot of drunks to pickpocket, Ships in various cities, Vivec City for House Motifs, Vvardenfell – Paintings. Grind Resources ESO, as one of the best MMO games in 2021, its advantage is that you can passively accumulate handicrafts in the handicraft bag. All you have to do is to walk everywhere. Pick food from the table and shelves. Search, barrels and crates. Dig treasures and rare mushrooms in dark caves and hostile camps. Forage stray logs in the woods, and explore the waterways, making the shimmering Nirnroots sparkle. You may accidentally accumulate items that other players want to buy. The most important thing is that when you use it, you will find coveted craft themes and recipes. Of course, if you want to collect materials like a professional, it is important to harvest as many resource nodes and pick up as many scattered items as possible before returning to town. In addition, each visit to the respective station should deconstruct all spare equipment parts and signs. Don't sell them to NPC merchants! To farm ESO gold, you have to consume time and give some effort as well. If you do not want to cost a lot of money with ESO Crates , then you can come to and seek for the special offers of ESO Crates . All these crowns are offered by real players of ESO, Shop with confidence!