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Salma Akter
Apr 09, 2022
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As a system, it must have the appearance of a system, and it is its responsibility to help business personnel do their jobs better. In the fax number database process of using a new system, business people can often hear complaints about it. Is this an unreasonable design or is the business person too picky? The author of this article analyzes this and shares it with you. The company has installed a new system, whether it is a well-known software supplier in the industry, or the SAAS software that everyone is using, or a system developed by the company's IT department, we can always hear business personnel complain that the system is not easy to use. The system design is not good enough, or the business personnel are too picky. Excluding the unreasonable design of the user experience by the fax number database product designers, the system itself is different from the actual business. In this article, let's talk about what causes the business to complain that the system is not easy to use. 1. Only the system is used, and the business is not standardized, resulting in repetitive business work Xiao Li is the operation of a small business, and also plays the role of customer service. In addition to being responsible for the operation of the online store, he is also responsible for the company's agency business. This year, the company launched a new lightweight e-commerce ERP system. I thought things could be alleviated a lot, but I didn’t expect things to be fax number database less, but more, so I complained to the director of operations. It turns out that although Xiaoli's company has a new system, the company's financial accounting has always been carried out through offline methods. Therefore, the financial requirements operators also submit offline documents uniformly, which makes the original online store and offline distribution.